Incentives Calculators

Disclaimer: These calculations are intended to provide an illustrative and preliminary indication of the level of potential tax savings for a proposed project based on certain assumptions. The values are estimates based on preliminary information entered into the calculators. Actual values may differ from the results of the calculators based on a variety of factors. Companies should consult their own tax advisors to determine their actual tax liability and to prepare their annual Indiana filings. The UEZ Calculator assumes a $35 cost per square foot. The EDGE Credit estimate is based on projected jobs and wages associated with the development project. The Skills Enhancement Fund incentive is estimated at 15% of EDGE credits, up to a maximum of $200,000.  Again, estimates are for illustrative purposes only and do not imply an expectation or guarantee of benefits received.

UEZ Deduction Impact Calculator

Real and Personal Property

Real Estate Investment
Square Footage of Facility*
Cost Per Sq Ft $
Pct to AV %
Tenant improvements* $
Pct to AV %
Gross Assessed Value


Personal Property Investment
Investment* (production equipment, etc.) $
Pct to AV 10 Year Avg %
Gross Assessed Value 10 Year Avg


Assumption Parameters
IEDC Fee %
UEZ Fee Pct %
Tax Rate
QRC Rate


Taxpayer Benefit
Gross Assessed Value
Gross Liability
Avg Yearly Taxpayer Benefit
10 Year Tax Payer Benefit


EDGE Credit and Skills Enhancement Fund Estimation

Assumption Parameters
Number of New Jobs Created*
Average Hourly Wage* $


Illustrative EDGE Credit Estimation
Estimated Credit
Estimated Maximum
Estimated Minimum


Illustrative Skills Enhancement Fund (SEF)
SEF Incentive

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